A+ Australian Wine スペシャリストプログラムとは…




  • これまで日本に於けるオーストラリアワインの地位向上、理解促進に多大なる貢献をされたワイン業界・メディア従事者、教育者の皆様。
  • 内外の推薦を受け、幅広い渡豪経験を持つ候補者の中から、教育者向けトレーニング、認定試験(英文)と教育計画の提出を経て任命された、日本におけるオーストラリアワイン教育の推進者の皆様。
  • レポート提出、審査、口頭試問を経て選抜された、①オーストラリアとオーストラリアワインに関する専門的知識、②日本でのオーストラリアワインの啓蒙・販促について戦略的・建設的視点、そして③必要な影響力、情熱と一定の活動コミットメントを有する、オーストラリアワインのスペシャリストの皆様。

A+ Australian Wine Specialist Program in Japan

As part of Wine Australia’s Asia-wide program, we have built an elite community of Japanese wine professionals who possess both the commitment to educating, communicating and selling Australian wine and specialist knowledge about Australian wine.

There are three tracks in this program: the Honorary Specialists, the Specialist Educators and the Trade Specialists.

Each status (except for Honorary) comes with the entitlement to work during the Australian fiscal year as an A+ Australian Wine Specialist, subject to renewal based on the actual work performed and a willingness to contribute further.

The A+ Australian Wine Specialists get promoted actively in and through Wine Australia’s activities, websites and other means of communication. They are also in positions to be recommended to the wine industry back in Australia (e.g., regional association, state government, etc.) as the key individuals driving the Australian wine promotion and education in Japan.

  • A+ Australian Wine Honorary Specialists are the members of the Japanese wine trade, media and education sector who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the status of Australian wine in Japan.
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  • A+ Australian Wine Specialist Educators are the members of the wine educators in Japan who have been, based on strong recommendations and broad exposure to Australia’s wine regions, chosen, trained and qualified through an examination, then submitted an activity plan to drive Australian wine education through the official A+ Australian Wine School curriculum.
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  • A+ Australian Wine Trade Specialists are the members of the Japanese wine trade people who have been proven to possess specialist knowledge about Australia and its wine; strategic and constructive views on promoting Australian wine in Japan; and a high level of influence and passion to drive the category, through a written essay, an oral examination and an interview.
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